Multi Media Systems video sampling software, a full screen 25 frames/sec Video Sampler (firewire output extension needed)
  download here (for Mac OS 7 to 9.2)
Jan Peter van der Wenden (
Pepijn van Haren (

It is still hard these days to control video like you can do with sound. We built a small program which can do the following with captured DV video: loop (forward/backward), stretch, pitch, audio sync with manual (use spacebar) BPM counter, etc.

The program has been written and compiled in IRCAM's MAX for Apple Macintosh computers. Max is an easy program to use with sound and video. As you can see in the patch for the controls, the only thing you have to do is to draw line between de different objects. The buttons used are just standard images from the Webdings font. These buttons give the command 'do' to the text underneeth: read, dispose, 0, start, pause, resume, stop, length and time. These commands are collected in the listToSymbol patch and sent to the movie patch to control the movie. The switch on the right side is used when the length button is clicked. It sends the length command for 2 seconds (metro 2000 means 2000 ms) to prevent that you can not see the length, if the time button has been clicked, witch sends a signal every 0.1 seconds (metro 100). The pict $1 command makes the red LED on the top left green when the time has been clicked.

user interface

patch for the controls

equipment setup