ChiarOscuro is a triptych of two oil-paintings and a video-projection, showing three visions of a detail of the painting The vocation of St. Matthew by Caravaggio. The creators are Frans van der Steen, Hakim Tourdiev and Jan Peter van der Wenden.

The painting by Tourdiev is figurative. Tourdiev painted very precisely, paying much attention to the relation light and dark and to the expression on the face of the character. The colours in this painting are mainly earth-colours with a bit of yellow, red and orange.

Van der Wenden made a video-portret as a bridge between the two paintings. The video-projection and the sound make the character come to life again. The purpose of this is to explore the limits between moving and non-moving and how to translate this into sound.

Van der Steen painted an abstract in three colours. The character on the painting has been painted in a mixture of light blue and green. The background is painted ultramarine blue in many coatings. The third colour is the white in which the feather of the beret is represented.